Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surrealists and Landscape artists

The Old Masters

William Glackens
Luxembourg Gardens

Face of a Face

was a
Surrealist (painted their dream)
Expressionists (painted emotions)
Cubists (geometric shapes)

Face Of A Face  

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Husquvarna #1+ Viking

Today was spent with my sister who taught me more about the embroidery machine she once used daily. This was her business machine used professionally.
 Several of the feet got labeled and bagged so as to be more able to identify them.
We went over the button whole maker and studied the processes.
Sewed on a button with the machine as well.
It was a real nice time with her.
She is setting me up with a process and hardware to down load images to embroider.
This is the embroidery arm that attaches to the machine.

We had so much fun repairing her jewlery that we did not get very far in the lessons. 
Another day. She brought her grandson, my great nephew.
The two boys played all afternoon.