Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to make a cover for CPAP Machine

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious health issue. With so many folks now using CPAP machines to protect their hearts many face unforeseen problems.

The Benefits of Heated Humidification and CPAP are many but a problem occurs with condensation.

Condensation is a real issue with my CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. When the room temperature is cooler than the air flowing in the tube condensation occurs.

 Most knits come in a yardage that is a tube with two edges on the fold. Using the both folds of 3 1/2 yards the casing was cut. Now you can make several sections, I made two. Making more that one long section is my suggestion. they will be much easier to turn out.
 Three inches wide was the cut.
 Simply baste stitch the length. No need to make a fine or small width stitch. This snuggy will need little strength given it's purpose.
 Yet the setting is for fine knit stitch one the ends once turned.
Make the turn much deeper than needed so it is easier to grip.
Sew and turn.
The knit stitch will give it the stretch you will need to removed it for laundry once in a while

 By making it a very long sections of tubing it will gather. 
This will create a much more insulated effect.
Mine is made to match my bedroom decor.
I found the ones on the market  do not match my room.
They are not made very well at all, and are shorter than this, thus not as much of an insulator.
If you would like to special order one leave me a comment.
Pay Pal excepted. Medical equipment

Steelers, pontiacs and fire. A quilt for my boy

 One all the squares were cut and the strips laid out one the cutting table the process was in full swing.
 Now the last Pontiac was made at the end of last year. They one day will be collected, as even now many of the large engine ones are prized with drivers.
 A hot iron is a MUST
 Make sure to press all seams in same direction. This is so important for the finished top. By starting out with a mat and rotary cutter the job is well done. I used a 7 inch quilt square rule. The finished block will be 6 inches once the seams are taken into account.
 Now my boy loves the Steelers. Searching I found the backing for the quilt. We watched the Supper Bowl and although his team lost he still loves them. The other team just played a much better game. This coming from a 9 year old. The fabrics must all be washed before any cutting.

 By using the large clips and clamps the quilt can be rolled up to begin the quilting. Now I do not profess to be a skilled and perfected artist of quilts. My son needed a new quilt. His birthday is in the beginning of March.

 Sitting with a child ill with the flu the blocks were quilted together with a running stitch. Now I used button thread. I had to use pliers every three stitches all the way through the project. My hands were not strong enough to pull the threads. Skilled quilters would roll over in their hoops! This is for a BOY! My son is so hard on things. This was also what I had. Using what you have on hand is a good thing. It may lack a bit of perfection but it to me is a wise use of resources. The last of the black blocks done the binding began
 Now the binding also was something I had. It was discovered at a garage sale of a sewing store that had closed its doors. $.10 cents a package. I have just about every color and several of them. The quilt took three of them.
 By stitching the binding to the front I was able to fudge the places where the backing came just a bit narrow.
 Stitch just right on the fold line. Then turn and press flat open. Then turn over the edge. Now see this is not a Perfect job gals. My boy has a blanket.
 Then fold and hand stitch the back binding so as to have a nice finished edge that does not show on the front of the quilt.
I began the binding on the back early in the evening and got around 5/8 of it done by midnight.
My son sat and watched me do it. He was so appreciative. He said that he wants to learn how to sew.
I have always wished my daughter would show interest who knew that it would be my son who wants to learn.
Just a simple whip stitch

Tip here
allways use the thread as it comes off of the spool
It has a warp and if you do otherwise your thread will tangle.