Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beading again, repair of jewelry.

 The dust was deep as I lifted items stacked one upon another.
Eventually I came across these two lay outs.
The heavy glass one awaited the new wire purchased on March 20th.
That was our anniversary.
It was that with out the heavy wire nothing could get done.
 The glass in the bead has a copper thread that looks more brass.
These beads have been around many many years.
With a large staff of beads time brings things together.
Most of my findings were originally found on line in estate sales.

 Two pair of my favorite ear rings needed to be fixed.
As I was tinkering I stumbled upon the black medallion in the center of the rainbow acrylic set.
 It was perfect~ 
It does not show in the image, but it has colored crystals in center of each flower.
 A floral clasp was just right for it.
This is a light weight piece.
Originally laid out to match a little dress found at a thrift shop.
It has sat at the desk at least over a year.
 By the end of the day these filigree East Indian type bails made the ear rings just right.
 The palmagranit set is a fravorite of mine.
I get so many compliments.
Cherry Quartz with silver.
Once I hug the fixed one on the right I saw that they are not the same.
I'll need to redo the left one.
It took some effort to get all the hair out of them.
 Replaced a lost dragonfly here.
It was fun to do my beading again. 
I need a good wet cloth and some time to dust.

Perhaps tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Re-purpose an old bath towel into new Kitchen towels

 Once the towels are cut with pinking sheers stack them.
Scraps of the old towel make great counter clothes.
Larger sections make great hand towels.
 By stitching zig zag all around the edges they will not fray.
By making a connected chain of items circling them is easy.
Just clip the last one off and turn it to the next edge needing stitching.
 This is how industry saves man hours.
 Now moving onto the hand towels same way.
Use matching thread if you have it, or thread that is aging and untrustworthy for garment.
 These are pinking sheers for those of you who may not know. 
They cut the warp or cross thread in a way that reduces fraying.
 Use a lint roller after you shake out the tread dust.
Here ya go.
Reduce your foot print on this poor old planet.
The amount of fabric waste in our land fills is mind boggling.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Coming back to my roots as I am able

My cutting table cleared. Working my way back to the arts of my heart.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Healing Properties of Stone and Crystals

Shown is Zebra Jasper and ?crazy horse I think.

In the Middle Ages this stone was recognized as the stone of the warrior. This was a gift for a friend who is engaged in hardships. The stone is said to impart courage, supports one in times of conflict,
She is also a Christian as am I. God Made the universe and all the things in it. He said it is Good. Over many years I have had an interest in the qualities of stones for healing. I do not understand all things but of this I am sure. Created for our good, they are not worshiped but used as a medicine of sorts. I think there is really something to this. I have witnessed it to be so.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sally's Fabric in Mesa Arizona is closing

Another sewing center is coming to an end. So many of our stores have closed now. Sewing is a dieing art slowing the wheel of do it yourself. Once that wheel stops it will become an elite hobby. One that will be afforded by those with high end budgets.
If you live in the area you might just think to add some staples to your supplies.

netting for dish scrubbers
transfer paper
It is like a sale for your pantry. Just call it being supplied. Now there may not be a lot of competition for the hard times are upon so many.

1235 East Main Street (Main & Stapley)
Mesa, AZ 85203

 After over 40 years in business Sally's Fabrics is being forced to close its doors.  It is definitely not what we wanted, as we love all our customers and have enjoyed working with all of you, but we have no other options.  As a result of this close we will be putting the entire store on sale.   The official close of business will be December 3rd.
We thank all of our employees and customers for their support over the years and are very sad to see the store go.

Beginning October 31, 2011 the ENTIRE store will be on sale (excluding machines) for 25%
We will be closing at 5pm on 10/31
As of that date all VIP accumulations will cease.
No Gift cards will be issued.
There will be no holds on any fabric at all.
We will continue to service machines up to the last week of November.  Any machines not picked up by December 3rd will be donated unless there has been arrangements made to pick them up the week of Dec. 5-9.  After that the doors will be locked and the building vacant. 
We will make every effort to contact as many people as we can to insure that this does not happen. 
Kaye will continue to take business and service machines. 
If you would like to continue business with her please send an email to
I will forward your info to Kaye for her database.
If you have any concerns about your Pfaff machines that you have purchased from us please understand that Pfaff continues to provide warranties through the nearest Pfaff dealer.  After we are closed your Pfaff Dealer for this territory would be Mulqueen's.
As for education information on machines our instructor Carol will be continuing to teach one on one and she will be taking over our Adults You Can Make It classes.  If you need her contact info please send an email to
If you are interested in Quilting by Lisa you may email her at
For comments, concerns and questions you may continue to email us at  We will try to address any of your issues as quickly and accurately as possible. 
Thank you again for your long standing support of Sally's Fabrics.  It has been a wonderful adventur

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creating for charity

We often discount our talent as artist. Recently I had an invitation to attend an event for the Immune Deficiency Foundation. They are holding a silent auction asked for donations. The colors of the organization are white black and green. Yesterday I spent most of the day search the bead on hand for just the right green.
 Under the bead boards is the top that I will ware for the main event, Zebra is the theme.
the motto...
When you hear hoof beats think Zebra
Often Doctors only think horses and when the process they use lends no results nothing else is done. IDF is trying to teach the medical profession to think outside the box. Many times those of us who have Immune disorders go undiagnosed because we are blown off when the doctors do not think outside the box.
The one on the right is a keeper for me. the others are to use in the auction. The findings are yet to set out.

Laying out the beads and working your design is a must. Setting everything out before you begin to string makes good practice.
Enjoy your gifts and remember that your talent can be a real resource. Often if we do not sell we discount doing art. Well there is a vestment as rich as the dollar in giving in support of a good cause.

Blankets for preemies
bags for soldgers
quilts for the child centers
Lap quilts for the elders
jewelry for fund raisers, teachers gift and such
Earrings for a friend just to cheer them up.

Happy crafting!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sewing up a few things...

 Several weeks ago my daughter asked specifically for this dress to be created. She loved the dress she saw it in a cartoon and loved it.
 Large skirt or slack hook and eyes are on the choker and the cuffs.
 Also started were two dresses for myself. The pattern on the left is just below. A scrap with the custom necklace.  Below is the other dress (pattern) on the right. both dresses are fully lined, shier fabrics with slip fabric underneath as the lining.

 This looks so much better on. The Zipper is done in an invisible zipper technique. Hook and eye. Not perfect but acceptable to me.
Lining is sewn to side seams in skirts. 
Hand hemmed with delicate single thread picked up on each pick up.
 All of the back of my sons old quilt was removed to replace the backing.

 The ironing board cover was replaced.