Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Regarding LG the reporter

I have no way of contacting you.
I would be honored to do so. Would I need a project to demonstrate?
I am in Mesa. This blog is connected to my Email just drop a comment with a link to your email or contact.
Thank you

Friday, June 4, 2010

Coleman camper canopy cover replacement

Last year we ended our camping season with a very unnerving drive down from the high country.
We were praying all the way home that between duct tape and mercy that the zipper would not fail.
That was all the tape we happened to have.

This is a new season it is a new cover we needed.
This is a 12 foot very nice canopy.To replace a low end canopy it begins at $300!

We went to Tempe Sales and 3 yard of marine vinyl (weather proof) and thread needles and we were off $70. later.

The slider had been screwed in by the previous owner. This is a 1999 camper.
Water helped the very best lubricant there is.

Once off the zipper is rotten and the rubber slider removed one can examine the construction/
Reinforcement of the canopy is important. In a wind it must be structurally sound.

After the seam under the rubber slider is opened.

The pattern I used was half of the vinyl with zipper torn off.
Cut out two thicknesses fabric folded in order to mirror parts.
The zipper is a high end open ended one. The pull tab is purchased separately.
One side sewn in three times over for strength and then folded over to reinforce it by top stitching.
second side attached to the zipper three time seam for strength as well 
then turned over and also top stitched.
My sweet old machine would have nothing to do with this rubber.
so with the industrial strength thread and a pliers with a sward needle of some thickness.
By Hand! Yep 12 feet of it sewn twice over under with the second pass in the hollow of the first one.
Ever hole sewn twice over.

My husband using a drill press opened up the rubber holes to ease the efforts some.
Tonight I have yet another 2 1/2 feet to go.