Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cinnabar necklace

First stringing
Too sloppy and moved over the knots

Restringing is a must when you care about your work.
I just was not pleased with the loose work.
This was a big challenge.
I had to ream out every bead and use a long length folded in half.
This way the tread was so thick that on the end three beads each side I had four thickness going back through to finish knot and tie, gluing the third beads in.

It was also brushed with a very soft tooth brush and then linseed oil was applied.

Click to enlarge.

Using my own wire I spun some french wires to cover the threads at end as would a pearl strand only smaller diameter and usually gold.
Pearl knotted and strung on waxed cotton.
My Sister found this strand of cinnabar in an attic of a house in Utah. 
The house was a good 100 years old or so at the time.
Perhaps a missionary brought it home.
A mystery to be sure.
She held onto it herself a many a year hoping on day to ware it.


  1. Beautiful find...... Thanks for sharing.....

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this necklace. The color is beautiful!