Thursday, April 15, 2010

Re-string for my SILove

In the middle of life here with all things a bit slowed due to oral surgery on Tuesday last.There is a job requested of me to do. This is a very old strand that was in very bad condition. 
It is the MIL of my SIL once married to an elder brother.
She sent along a very nice cookie sheet and lid in exchange.
The metal is all corroded but this piece was loved by her.
The silver plastic spacers were all shot and looked bad.
The layout modified the only finding I will reuse are the two hole connectors holding the stands together. Removed was all the pins on the choker chain and the hook as well was corroded.
This is a keep sake necklace to her. Not a very valuable piece, with exception that the crystals are magnificent. I will restring and add sterling crimps and crimp cover, new spacers will give this a more modern length. The beaded rosary work chain will give a way to alter length as worn. The new 's' hook will add a more modern look.

Re stringing and updating broken pieces is something I am often asked to do. 
I often will bard-or services in exchange rather than cash.

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