Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to make a cover for CPAP Machine

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious health issue. With so many folks now using CPAP machines to protect their hearts many face unforeseen problems.

The Benefits of Heated Humidification and CPAP are many but a problem occurs with condensation.

Condensation is a real issue with my CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. When the room temperature is cooler than the air flowing in the tube condensation occurs.

 Most knits come in a yardage that is a tube with two edges on the fold. Using the both folds of 3 1/2 yards the casing was cut. Now you can make several sections, I made two. Making more that one long section is my suggestion. they will be much easier to turn out.
 Three inches wide was the cut.
 Simply baste stitch the length. No need to make a fine or small width stitch. This snuggy will need little strength given it's purpose.
 Yet the setting is for fine knit stitch one the ends once turned.
Make the turn much deeper than needed so it is easier to grip.
Sew and turn.
The knit stitch will give it the stretch you will need to removed it for laundry once in a while

 By making it a very long sections of tubing it will gather. 
This will create a much more insulated effect.
Mine is made to match my bedroom decor.
I found the ones on the market  do not match my room.
They are not made very well at all, and are shorter than this, thus not as much of an insulator.
If you would like to special order one leave me a comment.
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  1. Wonderful. I stumbled on your blog from your comment on another blog. I use a CPAP also but thankfully don't have too many condensation issues. Your machine is just like mine. I'll be interested in having a look around your blog in time as I see you like many of the folks arts that I like.

  2. Hope I had some skills like yours. Anyway thanks for sharing it with us.

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