Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Altered findings bracelet

Sometimes it is fun to play with a concept design for a new look.

Cats eye round beads will be replaced I think with a flat bead for more comfort.
Reading my bi-monthly beading magazine I came across and article on bending findings around large beads...made me think what if I bent them around my wrist to form a bracelet .
I have a few design flaws to shake out but I really like it.


  1. Oh Donetta, I love the butterfly bracelet, its gorgeous.

    Thank you for stopping by this evening and visiting me and reading the praying hands story. Thank you also for your wonderful words, and prayers. They are truly appreciated.

    Have a wonderfully blessed evening,

  2. I love your work, Donetta. You're a talented and unique artist.
    May you have a blessed Sunday tomorrow. :)