Friday, July 31, 2009

Bia sleveless finished edge

After setting all week on the machine I finally got to the end stretch of a blouse I was making.
Baste or do a wide stitch around the hole.
When finishing a sleeveless top use bis tape like so
Open it up half way and then press only half open use care.

My machine is able to shift the need side to side
first stitch 1/4 seam...
turn and press keep the bias fold in tact
stitch the bias tape down close to it's edge
Now carefully remove the basted thread

a clean edge
very easy..
You can do it, the easiest of sleeves

give it a final press...

My husband was making me laugh...

A new top!
I wish you could make out the detail.
It is gathered to the right
A zipper to the left


  1. Hello thank you for stoping by. Amy is not well, they are in the city at her appointment, and the Dr. said it looks as though her tumor has grown, and they may not be able to operate on her. They sent her for an emergency cat scan, and we are awaiting word from my Aunt. I pray this surgery will still happen.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I am currently going over arrangements with my husband for me to drive out there and be with her in her time of need.


  2. Hi Donetta, yes very true, I looked for every clearance rack today and only found a few. Thank you for stopping by. I love your visits.

    Have a blessed day.


  3. How cute!!!!!!! Good for you girl! I used to sew a lot and make my own clothes, but just do not have the patience now! That is a too cute blouse!!!!!!!