Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jewelery for myself

 This is an antique set of cat's eye glass. It is an original that came from an estate of my husbands aunts or cousins of his mom's.
I have had them so many years and they were so poorly strun with no matching earrings to them. they have been boxes.
This week they were strung and a set of earrings to match.
The image does not do them justice they have a very deep luster.

Then just for me to match a sweater I purchased last month...
An autumn set in my  in summer tones.
backed in silver a duel strand...
 Lobster claps for ease
The chain stops the issue of it getting tangled in my hair on the nap of my neck.
Just for me.
Finding good balance at this type of strand is a trick.
It must be strung and not finishe at the end until after it hangs.
The trick is similar to hemming a dress that the fabric needs to relax over night.
Leaving give for the curve and using two cable lengths keeping them from crossing when center finding is passed through.
Asymmetry is key to balence it.
Asymmetry has always been hard for me to feel.
This sits very pretty on my neck with a V neck top.
It is acrylic except the glass leaves and the sterling silver.
Acrylic helps keep this type of work light weight.
They can become heavy with other types of medium.

In process
By letting it hang and setting it to form the wire will tell the length and the balance between the four strands. You can not go by count alone.
That neck line really is not that plunging.
The display and I have well... different endowment.


  1. Good for you making something for yourself.. I have been doing embroidery for years and I do not have ONE single thing that has embroidery on it..... What is that all about? Maybe I will make something for myself also..........

  2. Interesting pieces. Usually I don't wear any jewelery. When I was in Arts college I saw alot being made, tho, especially in metal works.
    The deny thyself issue is familiar...
    I gave away most of my good artwork over the years- but Unfortunately, I got some back after family elders passed on.

    Interesting artisan blog- will explore further. Hopped over from Davids

  3. Those are beautiful! You are very talented. :)

  4. I gave away most of my good artwork over the years

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  5. That's a pretty piece! and I hear you about asymmetry---it's hard for me as well.