Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homemade Cloth Napkins for tea

 To match a set of six china place settings I created this napkin set.
By using a grid rotary cutting system they were cut out to a 12 inch square.
The hem lace here is an old fasioned touch to add a bit of feminine charm.
Now normally hem lace is used differently.
This application was a bit of wemcy .
 By using a factory style approch time is saved on the job.
One after another just stitch the lace to the edge of the fabric leaving a half inch under the lace. The lace is normally 5/8 inch wide. One after another you do not even need to cut until your at the end of them.
Do this to each edge.
Once the edges are turned under twice stitch 
 The rose stitched onto a corner now press into a purse like so




 The turning under twice is like so...
Press all the way around then again the second time all the way around turning it full circle twice. It gives the edge time to cool before you turn it the second time.
 Pin the lace lice so at the corner
 Corners clean up like so.
 as you press them check for uniformity this will just make the tale look so nice.
Presentation is 9/10th of the job.
 These lady purse napkins will be used for High Tea with the girls.


  1. Very impressive skills you have girl. Beautiful. Hope the High Tea is fun! B

  2. You make me want to start sewing again. The napkins are beautiful. Doylene