Friday, December 4, 2009

Mending an old beloved family quilt

Do you have some family treasures that need repair.
This old family quilt that was made for my husband by his mother was such a keepsake.
This quilt is the favorite of every member in the family.
Some of the original blocks had worn to threads.
I believe that this quilt was created out of the scraps of shirt fabrics that his mom had made for him as a boy.

To fix old things old must meet old.
Never add  new fabric to an old item.
New fabric will shrink tearing the old even farther.

 After locating an old little boys shirt from those things our son has out grown I cut off all the seams,
sleeves and such. Save the buttons .
Waste nothing.
Place the fabric face down and press the block to size then flip it over and it will fit perfectly.
 Yes I did adjust that upper left corner.
By pressing it on the spot the fit is fast and accurate.
Press one edge at a time and alter until it is just so.
While pressing use steam.
 One childs shirt did about 10 blocks so I had to go out to the give away and find another suitable shirt to cut up to finish it.

Mending your items extends the life.
This a simple thing that is so often in this age ignored to be tossed aside and more oney spent to replace things.
This day I sewed a button on a pair of cordroy pants for me.
A zipper replaced in a pair of skorts , jeans pocket mended, thermals hemmed after I cut off the knit ankle band, two pair of panties mended where the band came off. It was so relaxing.
By sewing two of the wonderful dish clothes my MILove makes me i now have another hot pad.
There was a beautiful pair of plum cords that had lost the zipper pull so I made a new zipper pull instead of replacing the zipper. All in all a large plastic storage box was emptied of the fix it jobs I had not gotten done before now.

I watched Hulu (check it out free tv on line).
All in all a very wonderfully relaxing meditative day.

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  1. Good for you....... I have been working on old quilts from Grandmother the past week. Lots of pieces and things to patch. I have a huge bag of scraps that came with all the quilts! Wonderful!!!!!! Pieces to patch with........Miss you and I think I will give you a call this next week. Time for a chat!

    Sending hugs....