Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

good news on Eddie and Denise

Christ mas
Miracles are a part of the greatest story ever lived

Dear Ones
A very exhausted over joyed Denise called to tell us all...
Some how :)
Eddie has full conscientiousness.
He is with us cognitively.
His legs yet effected but the seizures did not take him.

He was sitting before her talking to her.

She with all and deepest gratitude thanks each and every one of you for your prayers.
Pray for her heart.
Her sister was unkind, Denise is wounded by the ill treatment that she was shown.

She is however rejoicing as I have instructed her to let her spirit and mind rejoice and worship but to let her body rest and be still.
She has not slept for several days and has also been ill.
I will keep you updated as I am.
Thank you all

Christmas Love Prayer...Eddie and Denise need it

Good Morning A Blessed Christmas
Eddie is alive this Morning your prayers were so embraced.


I just received a call from Denise.
The torment of the last few hours has been excruciating for her.
She discribes the events as the worst thing that she has ever seen.

Her sister arrived last night, she is also a diabetic.
Denise ended up in the ER her blood sugar spiked  and she was vomiting .
As soon as she would ease the same thing began with her sister.
Eddie was in a room and she could not get to him for the ER would not let her.
She convienced them not to admit her and to just let her see her husband and that that would ease her distress.
Eddies blood pressure spiked I mean really spiked!
At one point she got released from the ER and got back to him.
He was awake, unable to walk without a walker.
Dragging his legs.
She saw he was sweating so she got a cloth.
As she turned he said that he felt he was going to vomit and just at the very moment he fell back into her arms and began to seize they called in a trauma team and resesitated him.
She was ask to leave the room to a waiting room where her sister then fell ill to high blood sugar levels and DENISE had to car for her.

I have told Denise to ask a nurse to tell her sister to leave.
Eddies people are coming, I told Denise to have the nurse talk with them and tell them that your strength is limited and to not ask her all the details.
I told Denise that each time she repeats it it is like being punched in the heart.

She has not been able to stay with Eddie, only allowed to go in ever few hours.
He has been sleeping she has not seen him conscious sense before the seizures.

I am tempted to take up a fund and see if we can fly me out there and rent a car to be with her.
Steve has off till the 4th. I would have child care. The funding is an issue. I am in Arizona.
Please continue to pray.
I read several of your comments to her a few moments ago and it really strengthened her spirit.
Thank you all for your continued prayers.
Donetta at A Life Uncommon

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Urgent Prayer For Eddie (Love Bug)

I am typing this for Denise of Shortybears Place she is on the phone with me now

Eddie has had a stroke and is in hospital under observation. They were unable to get the stroke medication in time. So far they have done a CAT scan and a MRI and other test are being awaiting . His leg is effected. He is able to speak. This is written at 9:30 p.m. TN time

He is in Memorial Hospital Chattanooga TN. She is alone so if any friends are able please consider coming to her side. He is being moved to room momentarily.

This is written by Donetta of A Life Uncommon and she can be reached through me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

having little gifts to give in your community

click on image to enlarge

The pharmacist, the mail carrier, clerks at the store and all those other folks you see often during the year are often overlooked. Let me show you a way to show them that you appreciate all that they do. Those kindnesses offered on a professional level deserve to be acknowledged.

Here I found some inexpensive findings on a bulk ebay lot.
The boxes are from a clearance rack.
They are for a wedding 50 for $9.00.
Each gift was around .30-50 cents.
The wrapping for the inside is scraps.
The ribbons were on a spool for less than a dollar a 3 yard measure.

Be creative and you will find simple ideas.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homemade Cloth Napkins for tea

 To match a set of six china place settings I created this napkin set.
By using a grid rotary cutting system they were cut out to a 12 inch square.
The hem lace here is an old fasioned touch to add a bit of feminine charm.
Now normally hem lace is used differently.
This application was a bit of wemcy .
 By using a factory style approch time is saved on the job.
One after another just stitch the lace to the edge of the fabric leaving a half inch under the lace. The lace is normally 5/8 inch wide. One after another you do not even need to cut until your at the end of them.
Do this to each edge.
Once the edges are turned under twice stitch 
 The rose stitched onto a corner now press into a purse like so




 The turning under twice is like so...
Press all the way around then again the second time all the way around turning it full circle twice. It gives the edge time to cool before you turn it the second time.
 Pin the lace lice so at the corner
 Corners clean up like so.
 as you press them check for uniformity this will just make the tale look so nice.
Presentation is 9/10th of the job.
 These lady purse napkins will be used for High Tea with the girls.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

just for me

My mother gave me this center for many years I have held onto it.
The clasp is magnetic.
It is strung on silk.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mending an old beloved family quilt

Do you have some family treasures that need repair.
This old family quilt that was made for my husband by his mother was such a keepsake.
This quilt is the favorite of every member in the family.
Some of the original blocks had worn to threads.
I believe that this quilt was created out of the scraps of shirt fabrics that his mom had made for him as a boy.

To fix old things old must meet old.
Never add  new fabric to an old item.
New fabric will shrink tearing the old even farther.

 After locating an old little boys shirt from those things our son has out grown I cut off all the seams,
sleeves and such. Save the buttons .
Waste nothing.
Place the fabric face down and press the block to size then flip it over and it will fit perfectly.
 Yes I did adjust that upper left corner.
By pressing it on the spot the fit is fast and accurate.
Press one edge at a time and alter until it is just so.
While pressing use steam.
 One childs shirt did about 10 blocks so I had to go out to the give away and find another suitable shirt to cut up to finish it.

Mending your items extends the life.
This a simple thing that is so often in this age ignored to be tossed aside and more oney spent to replace things.
This day I sewed a button on a pair of cordroy pants for me.
A zipper replaced in a pair of skorts , jeans pocket mended, thermals hemmed after I cut off the knit ankle band, two pair of panties mended where the band came off. It was so relaxing.
By sewing two of the wonderful dish clothes my MILove makes me i now have another hot pad.
There was a beautiful pair of plum cords that had lost the zipper pull so I made a new zipper pull instead of replacing the zipper. All in all a large plastic storage box was emptied of the fix it jobs I had not gotten done before now.

I watched Hulu (check it out free tv on line).
All in all a very wonderfully relaxing meditative day.