Friday, March 25, 2011

Winding Embroidery Thread


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 Last week all the old projects came out to play.
Sorting through them and getting them set to stitch should I get my knee replacement this summer.
It is good to get them available at any rate. A great way to pass the time at the allergist when we go to get our weekly shots
The old towel was my Mothers. It is my hope to restore it.
 My Sweet MILove drew out the crewel work years ago. One day this will also get created.
 The last of the thread needed to get spun onto cards. Now this is the cool part. Years ago my husband saw me doing this by hand. He vanished for a while only to return with a wonderful invention. This was some 15+ years ago. Lable each card with the maker and number, color. Then have at it. Sort by number.
 This is his creation. It has ball bearings.

Winding Embroidery Thread


  1. Look at that!!!!!!! What a deal...... You are so tidy and organized......that gadget to wind your thread is something!!!!! I could have used that many months ago......