Saturday, April 9, 2011

Black and White Photography

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In our master suite we have a very ethnic Native American 1800's theme. My anniversary wedding dress is on the wall and the beautiful doll I was gifted with on my dresser.
 It has been a dream to accomplish black and whites for the master bath. This was no easy task for my photo software would not allow me to print back and white. I had to locate the image in the files and then print to color and then use the canon to copy to image to black and white sizing it to frame.
The images above the tub are to the left my sons story to the right my daughters. The talking stick above my family in an image of listening to one another. Speaking and being heard.

 First sight in Russia, father and daughter, mother an daughter. Dedication to Christ Jesus as the head, two year old joy where others hated the 'two's'. Rock-a-roo the favorite toy. The delight and tenderness of training my child in ways of thought and purpose. The corner "o.k. fine", not a defiant but just the matter of fact dealing with the feeling of consequence. The dear old love/hate "in the corner" time.
 As well as our son and father first sight, son and mother first sight in Russia. Dedication as for her, wonderful two's. "Rock-a-roo momma rock-a-roo" the nap time refusal. So dear to my heart and memory. The corner "but mom..."
 Then and now. The speed of lightening flashed through enumerated days.
 It all began when two people fell in love and decided after 16 years to share that love.
Above first sight sister met brother at the airport. Sister is three and new baby brother is 10 months. Daddy at the track with the little ones.

Our master suite is the story...Our Story. All my memories seem to fade to black and white. The moments are rich in tones hues of vibrant golden love encompassed brighter than any color. Best left images to black and white that it be the richness of our hearts and spirit of each moment shown.

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  1. You have a lovely bedroom and bathroom. It is so clean, serene and beautifully and lovely decorated with family memories. I read between the lines and see that you are Native American with treasured objects and people in your home. The dress which is simply beautiful and the children who you appear to have chosen in love from Russia. Beautiful story. I hope I've interpreted it correctly ;-)