Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beading again, repair of jewelry.

 The dust was deep as I lifted items stacked one upon another.
Eventually I came across these two lay outs.
The heavy glass one awaited the new wire purchased on March 20th.
That was our anniversary.
It was that with out the heavy wire nothing could get done.
 The glass in the bead has a copper thread that looks more brass.
These beads have been around many many years.
With a large staff of beads time brings things together.
Most of my findings were originally found on line in estate sales.

 Two pair of my favorite ear rings needed to be fixed.
As I was tinkering I stumbled upon the black medallion in the center of the rainbow acrylic set.
 It was perfect~ 
It does not show in the image, but it has colored crystals in center of each flower.
 A floral clasp was just right for it.
This is a light weight piece.
Originally laid out to match a little dress found at a thrift shop.
It has sat at the desk at least over a year.
 By the end of the day these filigree East Indian type bails made the ear rings just right.
 The palmagranit set is a fravorite of mine.
I get so many compliments.
Cherry Quartz with silver.
Once I hug the fixed one on the right I saw that they are not the same.
I'll need to redo the left one.
It took some effort to get all the hair out of them.
 Replaced a lost dragonfly here.
It was fun to do my beading again. 
I need a good wet cloth and some time to dust.

Perhaps tomorrow.

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