Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Re-purpose an old bath towel into new Kitchen towels

 Once the towels are cut with pinking sheers stack them.
Scraps of the old towel make great counter clothes.
Larger sections make great hand towels.
 By stitching zig zag all around the edges they will not fray.
By making a connected chain of items circling them is easy.
Just clip the last one off and turn it to the next edge needing stitching.
 This is how industry saves man hours.
 Now moving onto the hand towels same way.
Use matching thread if you have it, or thread that is aging and untrustworthy for garment.
 These are pinking sheers for those of you who may not know. 
They cut the warp or cross thread in a way that reduces fraying.
 Use a lint roller after you shake out the tread dust.
Here ya go.
Reduce your foot print on this poor old planet.
The amount of fabric waste in our land fills is mind boggling.

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