Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gathering Ideas, a history of the craft

Almost 30 years ago I gained this binder at a yard sale. It was the acquisition of an elder crafter over many years of her life. Other booklets and things are else where. It begins with ideas for newspapers dated in the 1950's, continues through the 70's and then My stuff began to fill it into the early 80's throuth present.
It is a wonderful treasure of ideas. Patterns and know how spanning over 50 years of crafting.
It was the inspiration of the labeling on the side bar. I thought it might be a good goal for me to create and share this well spring with you fellow artist and crafters.

I suppose if I were of a mind and otherwise more financially industrious I might publish it, along with my novel. My Family takes priority. As stated before selling is not the heart of this woman. It is so much more a benefit to my soul to give.
I thought today to bind these things for better access and well...just because after all these years it has bubbled to the top. :)

I look so forward to the creations ahead!

If anyone has a question on anything here just ask and I will do my best to help you.

My Daughter Dove published her Sunday Paper


  1. Congratulations!! Good luck on your new venture:-)

  2. I just do not know how to keep up with you ! This is great and I will come here every day... Tomorrow starts my blog break and I will post about it after I hear from Kathy and Sandy's surgery....... I love to my shop and the craft thing....... I hope to be able to work in my shop more this summer than usually do.... I will watch to see what you do!