Monday, May 18, 2009

My Loving, Creative Husband

When I went out Sunday to see where my darling was
I found him at the mill.
Recently we began a shop for him.
There is yet a lot of organizing to do...
When I asked him what was up he said...
" I am making you a surprise"

I have been neglecting my beading lately for my magnifying light was out of service.
It would not stay secured on the table.
We had rearranged the studio when we moved back in and I lost the place to connect it.
Without it beading had become a chore.
My vision is dimming a bit and it is very hard to see.
This is his creation.
A very stable jig to hold the light strong.
It is a very heavy fixture and when in use it is under great force and strain.
He made a brace to secure it well.

Now you sweet ladies in waiting (for the thanks offering gift and the pay it forward...
Now I can get back to your projects...
oooo.....I gave you a hint
Thank you Darling for making it important to you!


  1. Well,,,,,, my gosh what a blessing! What a blessing he is to you.......God is good... My sweet DH is finishing the fence around the yard this week and I am soooooo thankful.... I have worried about the pool and the kids in the neighborhood........ sooooooo my mind at ease I can swim at peace!!!!!!!!! AND...speaking of Pay it Forward,,,,,,,, I need to know what size sweat shirt you wear! Or do you wear sweatshirts in the winter there? I have no idea of how cool it gets at your house! soooooooo as not to give away any of the surprises in store for you I just need the size!!!!!!!! ha!

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  3. How very, very sweet!!