Thursday, May 7, 2009

Handie work, hand stitching and mending

Hello, Starting off at a corner do a bit of hand knotting to make a loop.
You can use a hook or your fingers to do so.
I almost always just use my fingers.
My step dad was a merchant marine.
I would watch that man tie knots that were just so fascinating to me.

under --pull up through but not all the way through, stop before it so

Then repeat over and over until your desired length is achieved
Then at the last pull it all they way through leaving a bit of a tail to tie off another length to stitch around

Thread your needle with that tail and stitch in the ditch so to speak...
Tie a new to it.

Now just do a whip stitch all round

Remember when you tie off.
A square over pull wrap again under pull. The tails are then threaded and pulled into the mass before clipping off

My sweet MOLove makes these for me with a real tight stitch, they are great pot holders.
I just love that color for the sunflower kitchen.

These are two of my grand children...
Dash said they felt much better now that I fixed the wholes they had.

Handi work is great for those moments when down loading pictures leaves you idle.
Busy hands, make light work.

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  1. Those of you that knit , these are also wonderful dish rags......... I usually make them every year for my SIL.. quick and easy to knit and one skein will make a bunch........

    I love your yellow........