Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday...Home sewn pot scrubbers

The fabric is net or tulle

Every few months this is a project of mine repeated now for over 27 years

Stacking 4 double thickness layers and then cutting with a rotary cutter is easiest
I did not always have this luxury and scissors work too
Just if you use scissors
you have no hang nails or dry cuticles that can snag on the net
It hurts if you do!

Free hand or use a ruler to cut long strips
then into quarters

stack two together and pin set aside
There were several of these sets created and sewn in
assembly line style.

For utility sewing this is best to save your precious time

Now these are to be used at the kitchen sink
Or perfect. Just create them so that you do not use up your day in perfection
for a simple cause.
Now if you want to give as gifts then yes take your time and do a nice job.

Sew and inch back tack the inch and forward stitch
don't even clip apart now do that after the whole of the job is sewn.

I have used a zig zag but it does not matter if you use a small stitch.
That is how the factories do it

Remove and then clip on your lap both side and drop into a storage bin

This chain is long
Job time is an hour cutting out and an hour stitching up and clipping

There you have it set for a good four to six months

$89. cents a yard and there are around 4 yds to a 89x4=356
*by 2 =14
14 scrubbers for $3.56
.25 cents a scrubber
each one of these is good for a few days up to a week.

girls I got the yardage given to me as a gift
the most I will pay for it is on a clearance $.50
$2. * 14 = .14 cents each

Now I don't care what color they are unless I have a choice.
then I get a lot of it.


  1. What is the material? Fabric? I could not find in your post what it is......good idea and I will do that when I hear from you... You are miss Creative Betty today !


  2. Hi Donetta! Thanks for stopping by. I was tickled to hear from you as I love to hear from bloggers. We are in Northwest Phoenix, close to ASU Campus West. I work full-time. I work 10-12 hour days Mon - Friday, so I don't have a lot of free time. I sit at my computer in the evening, as that is relaxing, however I am on a computer all day long, as that is my job. I am an IT Specialist. I am interested to know about your children. You have 2 adopted special needs children? Are the from here or another country? How old are they? Sounds like you stay pretty busy with them. I have had Bruiser for 6 years. He is having his birthday. I bought him when I went home to visit my folks in Oklahoma. He is a character. He does not know he is a d-o-g. He thinks he is human. I never did tell him the difference. I am going to spend some time reading more of your blog. See what all you do. It appears that you quilt also. You are a pretty busy woman yourself. Country Hugs my friend, Sherry