Saturday, July 11, 2009

American Sewing Guild

After arriving and all the minutes and the announcements were made
I slipped a shot of the top of this cabinet.
It that just too cute.

Soon it was introductions around the room and the Show and tell
Is this just too drool over!
My sister is in the green she was chair woman today.

This quilt was long arm machine quilted.
The woman hired it done.

The detail and precision was a sight to behold
This is a personal quilt

The next three are quilts that are given to the battered children's shelter
ASG is a group of supportive women who do charity and keep the old skills alive.

The love this hidden woman behind the quilts showed touched my heart.

The woman next to her made those little girl dresses for the boy's and girls club of Scottsdale.
You will see those in a later image

This young woman made the quilt and her mother who accompanied her long arm quilted it for her. The dear mother visiting for Texas had a bloody nose due to the heat index.

He r daughter hidden of course.
All images can be clicked on and enlarged and they are high resolution so the detail is visible.
This quilt a personal item.

Folded she is showing a pillow case that is sewn to support the Ronald McDonald House a non profit who house families who have a child here at the Children's Hospital. They are housed free of charge to be able to stay within the area to be with their children.
Pillow cases are a need that was made known.

This is the beautiful woman who offered up er knowledge on the topic of
post to follow...
personal item

Some people glow

I thought this to be such a beautiful woman and her persona was as well.
This a jacket that has matching slinky slacks

Do you want to sew...
I really LOVE! that black star

Dresses collected to give to under privileged kids for the school year ahead.
The guild meeting and the store
Supply free patterns and fabric to fund this charity.
Seamstresses gift of skill to create the supply of the need.

Look at that wonderful technique

Another minuet I am thinking...............

Now I was again given what I needed for these women missed me.

I was embraced and told to take time for me.
So I am encouraged to SEW.
for fun? I often just sew for utilitarian reasons

I was reminded about how I need to remember to sew
for fun

You can go on line to find a chapter in your area


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  1. You were right...I needed a napkin to wipe the drool. I LOVED that black star too!!