Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Denise O. This is what I came up with in layout

I cant get the spacers to show up...
They are aroh borialis??(sp) but it does not show.
They have a bit of royal blue, royal purple and deep green

What do you think?
I need to know what length you want it.
The smaller bead on the earring would be replaced with the spacers of the necklace.
The bead that is on the earring is the same as the necklace. It is in green and in royal blue.
I was thinking ocean and your love of purple.
It looks mostly blue green in the image but the purple shows in real life in the spacers. The turquoise accent is to effect the dolphin emerging from the wave.

do you like the hook for a closure?
I thought to make a little dangle off the end of it to drip down your neck a little.

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