Thursday, June 11, 2009

Special Orders, a few findings and choices

If anyone is interested I do take some special orders.
There are many items in stock as well.

Denise O. here is what I thought you may like to choose from.
Here are some types of earring findings hoops, posts,locking,crimp French, French and my old favorite for delicacy the hook closure.

As per your request and interests here is what I pulled out with you in mind.

To the right several singles.
cat brooch

Cabochon semi precious tones on silver

Some I had made I thought perhaps might interest you.
The cats eye blue one can have a moon attached with the planet removed if your interested.

These are lanyards except for the pink and yellow they fall into winter.

Other considerations would be your price point.
What type of bead?
acrylic or wood(very light weight)
I have a few crystals
pearl or shell


  1. Hey girl........ You have been busy...... I need to take some pics of the things I have been making! You are so good at taking pictures!

  2. They look soo beautiful and awesome:)

  3. I love all of this! I started making some earrings for gifts a couple of months ago--nothing to sell---just a few pieces here and there--it is relaxing...but back breaking...does that make sense?? Gets my mind on other things :)

    You are wrapped up in talent! I mean all over the place!!! From creating jewelry better than anyone could get in a specialty gift shop! WOW!

    You received a double portion of talent!

    Love you and can't WAIT to see you!!! Hurry and register while the fee is still $75 for early birds...