Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Works for sale

Eye glasses holders, fishing lanyards for fly fishing.
Cabochons are semi precious stones.

These are images from a show last fall
For the sake of time today I'll post them.
Many of the things are sold but if you like something just ask and it might be able to be recreated if I have supply for it.

These are lanyards many are sold so ask if your interested.
I can turn it into a necklace with a center stone or recreate as close as able.

Sesonal items can also be created for those of you who are interested.

click image to enlarge

Today it was asked of me to show what I have on hand for sale in the jewelery.
Let me know if you are interested in anything here.


  1. Everything is so lovely, thanks for sharing sweetie. God truly blessed you to be creative. I love you.

  2. Look at all those pretties! I am GOING to post a picture of my gift this week..... things are crazy here....... Weather is beautiful and I am having a hard time coming in the house! I want to stay outside!

    Love ya!