Thursday, June 25, 2009

Window Treatments

As you can emagine after this job done in 6 hours or so between last night and today...
I am a bit tired...
Here goes...use your left needle setting to add beads.
In this application I am using the binding as an accent to the treatment so it is affixed to the right side.
I still want to lower this a bit to allow for the shortage of beads.
Beads are a part of my DNA I think.
Just can not get enough of them.
So I always want to use care not to over due it.

The art work is often the inspiration.
Looking for the things you love.

This feel is just what I was hoping for.

Working on the kitchen valence I tried to follow the process for you with images.
I'll do my best here to give you some tips.
I have a lot to do this afternoon so next week I will visit this post and update the details.
Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will be able to answer them on Monday.

This fabric is a pleasure to work with.
Over the years I have notice that it is a very important thing to love what your working on.

In my stash from a craigs list find I have many packages of seam lace.
I love this stuff!
Now I started all this last evening late.
With using this tool your able to zip through this straight stitch project.
Seam Lace and a good steam iron.

My way is to toss the seam lace over my left shoulder and let it fall to the ground.
This is fast and conveniently feeds the lace at a nice even pace. It is also always easy to locate when your shifting to a new item.

I have pushed back from my chair to show you the way it works.
In no time it is unwound and ready for use.

Seam lace has a track to follow.
Now what this stuff is or does is it encloses the raw edge of the fabric. Thus it lessons the bulk of the seams as well as makes for fast application.
Sew a straight line...Practice and speed is then an option.
I used a 3. stitch length you could open it up to a 4 but then you risk slippage and it will slow you down. Any tighter and you in overkill and it will slow you way down.

I sew asembly style.
Now think on this if the manufacturers sew in this method you better bet your sharp needles that they have good reason for doing so...
My time is worth a great value around here.
This is another thing that causes an ability to accomplish a lot in short order.
Think ergonomics.
When your sitting in your desk and set up think that way to.
Spend some time one day and just look at the work and waist of time that inefficient set up can cause you.

I dont even snip here...nope think like a quilter
The edges will match perfectly when you do.

This is the seam between sections a wide seam and then it will be zig zagged.

See the seam lace it is still in tact.

Now I did trip off the edge there that has the color code on it .

edge all edges with the lace.

On the top when you edge make sure you have the seams are together important thing!

When adding the new run of lace just overlap that the tape is going the same direction. IMPORTANT...This will make it so your curtian rod will pass through easily.

Prewss the whole thing out and tug on the seams gently to loosen up any tention that might set off the clean edges as you press.

On another note.
Clip all threads as you go.
When I was a young girl in home economics Yes they tought us back then in 6th grade...
all thread! this could cause us a fall in grade on each item.
I ware a lanyard that I make with a disk cutter and my snips attached to it.
It is a stretch yet as you can see the tention in my finger I have to pull it a bit.
I just love this tool.
I do make and sell them if any one is interested.
After all is pressed stitch twice as deep as the casing will be for the rod.
When you fold down this will be in the casing and will not bind on the rod.

Now press ends first and stitch.
If your working with spead go ahead and do each end then the bottom and then the casing.
Be aware however that this is not a good idea if your going to walk away from the project.
The steamed pressed edges lose a crisp working edge if left to sit long.
That was the other big thing I was tought and taught well.
It can make all the difference in a job and in the ease of said job.

Trim and enclose the lace as you stitch this will happen all the way around, but remember stich both side ends first

This is one of your greatest allys use it like the tool it is.
It is designed this way for many reasons.

Well pressed ends will meet at corners.

The seam rule is a tool you can or should not do without!

Beaded over sink
This is another valence for the kitchen window that I might incorporate but it makes the light to shaded
I am a little iffy on it.

There was just enough beading to add around the little desk lamp with a glue gun.


  1. Good job girl.......Sewing is something that I just hate! Never did like to sew..... but now I find myself making these primitive dolls and I have to sew them! Who knew that I would need to learn to sew again!

  2. Wow, those look really great. This is something I really want to learn to do. I just inherited a sewing machine from my step mother so this fall I want to teach myself to use it.

  3. i am very impressed, I should have had YOU make the sail for my kayak

  4. Oh Donetta! You go girl. What a great job. Loved the beading on the red. Ofcourse I love red. The kitchen were so country and sweet. Loved the fabric pattern. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have signed up to follow your BLOG as I can't wait to see what you make next. Country Hugs, Sherry