Saturday, October 9, 2010

Children and the arts

Many kids have lost all exposure to the arts. Schools are shutting off the art departments. Even my kids complain about the 'grumpy' art teacher. When I heard from their pears the same commplaint I became awaure of a real issue that plauges our schools.
Art has become less than joy of expressing ones mind than the rules and foring sitting and no movement allowed rooms. All creativity banned.
In our home we MUST now make way for creative outlets for the children.
Most adults are now selling the art supplies because they are now viewed as 'fluff' in life.
Life without the expressed heart into form will then rob us of one another hearts. Most things are not easily expressed in words. In art however the heart can freely open to one another. Thus explains the value of the classics. Those images we can so identify with. For it is in the human experience all things are like.
This fall break I will few having not only my own children but the families of other kids participating in art related activities. Remember to stop on by and enjoy the wonder of creative expression. May I encourage you to do the same. It is as simple as paper and pencil or what ever you have. Reduce reuse and recycle. It need not cost a penny.
Here are a few of the old art masters.

Face to face
Face Art Print
Face Of A Face
Luxembourg Gardens
For the complete Safety of all Mexicans at work
The Apostle Simon

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