Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recreating the studio

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Over the summer the studio is undergoing a renovation of sorts. By using what I have and some feng sui know how (knowledge obtained) my studio is much more pleasant to make use of. Before by sitting facing a wall my creativity 'hit a wall' as well. It is my desire to wake up the sleeping artist.
The new arrangement has many fine details yet to be worked out. The wire is still in need of completion. The machine desk is all wired and the under storage is mostly sorted. The jewelers desk behind the book shelf is being set up for the scrap book and paper arts station. By making my own gift cards and miscellaneous paper products the economics of the room fits most finely into my overall agenda. Being a practical woman my art is an extension of my home/economic/management. You would be amazed at how much paper really is used.
Here is hoping that your creativity also awakens. I have witnessed many folks in these hard economic times selling off and or discarding the arts and hobbies as if they have no value. Never let the arts die.

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