Tuesday, October 26, 2010

costume from a t-shirt

 Here is a large shirt.
Cut off just under sleeves.
Use the hem of the shirt as a casing and thread your elastic through and pin.
That will be the waist

do a wide basting stitch to gather the edge of the organza

pin on gathered organza The other edge in this job was a salvage so it was used to my advantage

trim the seam close once the seam has been fully encased in this application I used an overcast

 this product was very helpful
I placed it under the organza edge.
It just pulled off when the seam was finished. 
Without it the machine will eat your fabric

 The edge is turned right sides up and top stitched for added strength.
 trimmed right to the edge

 This is from what was left of the neck of the shirt

 The red was changed out for greed ribbon

 A dollar white t shirt from the thrift shop became the base or foundation for the bodice.
It is a monster bride costume.
The arms of the shirt are white glove-lets.
Yes that is a needle in my lips.This a work in process changes as details are tweaked to her liking

 This is a very big stretch for me.
It is important to me that my child see me overcome my own feeling,
The best examples can be found in humility

 My daughter came up to get her homework binder signed. She took a few pictures. 
She is very happy with the work so far.  "MOM, mom..look up"
 She got me.
I'll try to get a photo tomorrow of the mascaraed costume

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