Saturday, October 9, 2010

When garmet sewing ironing is a must!

Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron with Curved Titanium-Coated Soleplate, White/GreenWe have an old family quilt. My MILove made this for my husband when he was a kid. 
It is a good thing to save treasures like this. Try mending it. All you need is a little know how and a good iron.

 Moisten the fabric making sure NEVER to use new fabric on ole restoration items. The new fabric will shrink if the item gets washed and will tear apart the connecting fabric. These restoration blocks are made from used hand me down little boys shirts. My sons shirts. The original quilt is made up of scraps from all the shirts that his mother had made for him over the years, so I thought it fitting.
 This is an extensive project an act of love. There are many fusible fabric notions now that will help in these types of efforts. There again you need a good Steam iron. Starch also helps.
 Once pieced and fitted the hand sewing will begin. Mercy this is a lot of hand sewing. The ironing prior however will make nice work of it. Moisten even before the steam. It the fabric has a propensity to shrink it will show up before sewn on. Sometimes even older fabrics can do this.
 As an experienced seamstress my tools are high end. Yours do not have to be however. There are many quality projects out there.
 One down only 27 more to do. Why do I not just begin again and toss this out. History is a gift not forgotten. Once gone it is hard to return to the treasure that is called legacy. Without legacy what do we offer our prodigy?
Perhaps an iron like this one on Amazon might serve you well. Like I said you need not pay a fortune for one.

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  1. I love quilts especially those with special memories. I would love to connect with you and the Phoenix bloggers. b